Could this be the end of the Diesel dumper?

The end of the diesel dumper, the beginning for electric powered dumper truck. No pollution, quick recharge time and no noise, electric dumpers are the only solution. The electric dumper is a unique machine and the first of its kind to appear in the UK.

The electric dumper can do everything a diesel powered dumper can do but without the drawbacks. The electric dumper has a skip capacity of 1000kg as does the diesel dumper. However the electric dumper is more practical and easier to manoeuvre in small spaces, as it is less then 1m wide and with a small turning circle of just 1.6m.

Here at Kirkless Hall Demolition, we have experience of working in controlled demolition areas using Brokk machinery. The arrival of the electric dumper has made our work much more efficient as it can access public areas with ease, causing no noise or pollution.

Cheaper to run and with just an overnight charge the electric dumper will be ready for a full days work. The diesel dumper has trouble working in public areas due to pollutant gases it produces. The electric dumper has no problem as it has no noise or air pollution making it perfect for working in public spaces such as hospitals.

With a 0-8 km/h ride on speed and a 0-4 km/h walk behind speed the electric dumper will meet all the needs with speed capabilities for your working day. Even with these speeds the electric dumper will be able to be used for a full working day after a 7-hour charge making it durable to get your job finished.

This efficient machine is brand new to the UK. It is the machine of the future and with all the same capabilities as a diesel dumper but without the drawbacks. There is no other option this is the only dumper to get the job done for you.