Electric Dumper

The electric dumper is a unique machine and the first of its kind to appear in the UK.
No noise? No problem! This no noise, no fumes device is the perfect solution for working in public spaces, such as hospitals and agricultural land and is capable of both inside and outside work.

Electric dumper for hire. Electric dumper for hire.

Being less than a metre wide and with a turning circle of 1.65 metres, there are no tight spaces that this machine cannot access! It also has a skip capacity of 1000kg.

This exceptional, electric dumper is certainly one of a kind! After just 7 hours of overnight charging, the digger's battery pack is ready for a days work. Ride on the electric dumper at 0-8 km/h or walk behind at 0-4 km/h, whichever suits you!

Here at Kirkless Hall Demolition, we have experience of working in controlled demolition areas using Brokk machinery, where diesel powered machinery have not been allowed access due to the high pollution and noise levels. However, we have struggled to remove rubble and debris in these areas as they have not been accessible to our diesel powered dumpers.
The arrival of the electric dumper has made our work much more efficient as it can access these areas with ease, causing no noise or pollution!

We are very proud to inform you that we are now offering this state of the art Electric Dumper for hire!