Hire a Brokk Skilled Driver

Hire a Brokk Skilled Driver

Some Of The Brokk Machines Capabilities

  • Breaks up tiled and screeded flooring Reinforced concrete floors and slabs
  • Any type or thickness of brick and block walls
  • Reinforced concrete beams and walls
  • Reinforced concrete stair cases
  • Breaking out for drains and underground services
  • Digging buckets for excavations, trenching or cleaning of debris Silent Demolition can be achieved with the Concrete Cruncher


Brokk Remote Controlled Demolition

The Brokk machine is one of the most versatile machines on the market today, working from 3 phase electric meaning it gives off no harmful emissions for indoor use and confide spaces,

  • it can cross most floors and having a small footprint it is able to fit through door ways
  •  climb up and down stairs and go into passenger lifts.
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